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WellGrab is a Stavanger-based independent company

providing the oil and gas industry with innovative fishing tools for well intervention. We have, since 2002, offered our experience in developing downhole tools for the oil and gas industry. Our tools will save you both time and money as they are based on a sound operational understanding and hands-on design experience.

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    20 years’ experience leading positions in the Wireline Industry
    10 years’ experience leading positions for PCE / tool design development.

    Design and application engineer

    Design and application engineer5 years’ experience
    developing and testing downhole tools for O&G industry 


    15 years’ experience developing downhole tools for O&G industry
    10 years’ experience leading positions for design departments


    20+ years´ international experience within Slickline, Fishing and Casedhole Logging
    15 years´ in leading roles within Operations and Business Development.


    ANNOUNCEMENT: Appointment of new CEO of Wellgrab 1280 672 Wellgrab.no

    ANNOUNCEMENT: Appointment of new CEO of Wellgrab

    ANNOUNCEMENT: Appointment of new CEO of Wellgrab The Board of Wellgrab AS is pleased to announce the appointment of Roy Kristiansen as the new Chief…

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    Funding awarded from DEMO2000 1200 627 Wellgrab.no

    Funding awarded from DEMO2000

    Bullseye for Wellgrab: Funding awarded from DEMO2000 Exciting times are ahead as Wellgrab, together with our partners Equinor, Repsol and Welltec, secures funding from Forskningsrådet…

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    Wellgrab is in normal operation. We are continuing with delivering our tailor made fishing solutions from our home offices. Client meetings and presentations are conducted via are conducted via Teams/web.

    If you have any questions about how Wellgrab can support your requirements in these challenging times, please contact us.