Welltec and Wellgrab announce exclusive collaboration

Welltec and Wellgrab announce exclusive collaboration

Welltec and Wellgrab announce exclusive collaboration 1920 1080 Wellgrab.no

Welltec® and Wellgrab to provide advanced downhole fishing solutions

Welltec® is pleased to announce a new and exclusive collaboration with Wellgrab, to provide wireline conveyed, advanced downhole fishing solutions.

Wellgrab technology centers around a fully surface-controllable, downhole electric release fishing tool, designed to simplify and optimize fishing operations whilst fully exploiting the unique 100,000 lbs pulling capability of Welltec’s surface controlled Well Stroker® services.

The service is fully integrated and can be run with a wide variety of standard external or internal fishing grapples for all applications, opening up a new dimension to downhole fishing on electric wireline.

“Wellgrab is very excited to enter into this partnership with Welltec, the world leader in tractor and powered mechanical solutions. Wellgrab’s technology pairs digital capabilities with a versatile, multi-functional tool, and will drive safer and more cost-effective fishing operations as a result,” said Roy Kristiansen, CEO, Wellgrab.

Alex Nicodimou, Welltec VP for Sales & Marketing, also commented, “We’re extremely excited to finally be able to bring this to the market. It’s a collaboration born directly from client requests to provide a more technical, factual, and procedural approach to fishing as opposed to one based on ‘feel’ and individual experience.”

“The fact these tools are combinable and can deliver the full pulling power of our Well Stoker in a sustained manner – precisely at the point where such force is required – will enable us to tackle challenges on e-line that otherwise would not be possible,” added Nicodimou.

The multi-year agreement officially commenced in March 2021, with operations already successfully performed in Norway, for Equinor.

Initial tool sets will be placed in the North Sea with, with additional tools to be placed internationally over the coming months.

By combining leading technologies from each company, Welltec continues to provide a unique value offering to energy industry operators, focusing on time and cost efficiencies through technology.